We are The Verve Partnership, a design / strategy firm.

We create human centered design for the built environment. We study people, place and are driven to design space to maximize impact and efficiency with examination  unique cultures, imbued with brand.

We believe it’s finally time to design spaces starting from the inside out – with the people and identity.  Brand is an external reflection of your internal culture.

Space should be a source of energy, to boost community, productivity and inspire people, in order to be a catalyst for trust, growth and social impact.


brandscapeWe are obsessed with driving desired culture and brand beliefs through design of the built environment.

No client or space is the same, and neither is our approach. We have a proprietary, proven process, but we keep it fluid to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our team comes from multiple disciplines, architects and interior designers, experts from organization development, change management, human potential and branding. We support our clients with exactly the expertise it demands – no more, no less.

We fuse design mastery with data and facts, in relationship to experience, in order to understand and develop a seamless and fluid inclusion of what’s expected versus unexpected in the way people respond to and use space.  It’s this synthesis of art and science that is creating a new standard in space transformation.

When we’ve done our job, the experience, commitment and performance for your organization soars. People and space are living your brand. All of which translates into meaningful business growth.